• mass schedule

    Weekend Mass:
    Sunday 9:00 AM 
    (Saturday 4:00 PM  
    at St. Mary of the Bay, 645 Main Street, Warren)
    Holy Days: 
    As announced in Church Bulletin


    Saturday 3:00 PM at St. Mary of the Bay, 645 Main Street, Warren

    parish office

    Address: 221 Main Street 
    Warren, RI 02885-4304

    Phone: 401-245-6369
    Fax: 401-247-5455

  • St. Alexander Church

    Established 1915


    Under Father Masello’s leadership, both Holy Angels and Saint Alexander were served as separate but linked communities. That resulted in a balanced Mass schedule and in conveniences such as permitting the inclusion of offerings for either parish in either weekly collection. Now that Father Masello has retired, that partnership has come to an end. Holy Angels will be served by the clergy of Saint Luke’s and Saint Alexander will be served by the clergy of Saint Mary of the Bay. For this reason, we kindly ask that you no longer make your offerings for Holy Angels at Saint Alexander nor your offerings for Saint Alexander at Holy Angels. If you are a parishioner of Saint Alexander, you may make your offering for Saint Alexander at any of the Masses at Saint Mary of the Bay and can be assured that the offerings will be tallied separately. However, Saint Alexander will no longer process offerings intended for Holy Angels. Thank you for your understanding and especially for your ongoing support of your parish family.


    Rev. Joseph R. Upton, Ph.D.
    Administrator, St. Alexander Parish, Warren &
    Pastor, St. Mary of the Bay Parish, Warren

    Anointing of the Sick

    Call Rectory for Anointing & Hospital Visitation

    Sacrament of Marriage

    Contact Fr. Joe at least one year in advance before making any other arrangements

    Sponsorship Certificates

    Sponsorship Certificates for Godparents and Confirmation Sponsors are required. These will be given only to those who are confirmed Catholics, registered in the parish, weekly participants at Mass, and if applicable, validly married in the Church, and providing for the religious education of their children.